Comments from Previous Guests

Over the years, I’ve welcomed many people to Knockahopple. Here are some of the kind words they left for me after their stay.

Thank you for introducing me to Ireland. Through you I have met the people, seen the places and fallen in love with the country.

While I am returning to my everyday world, the warmth and friendliness of this place will come home with me.

It was an opportunity of a lifetime, one I will treasure always. I look forward to the day I will return.

Beverly S, Baton Rouge, LA (after her first visit)

Four years ago, I came to the cottage as a tourist and left a friend. This time, I came as a friend and I am leaving a family. You have made a warm home which would always be part of my heart.

Thank you for another wonderful experience. I look forward to returning.

Beverly S (after her second visit)

What a fabulous holiday you’ve given us! You’ve completely spoiled us and we’ll never want to travel without a “Liam.” You eliminated ALL the stress and worry of navigating unknown territory. Thank you for giving us such a memorable and marvelous two weeks.

We really want you to come to Louisiana and we’ll all “pass a good time” together. It will be fun, albeit challenging to reciprocate your superb hospitality.

“Merci mille fois” for your kindness, patience, humor and all-around wonderful nature. You’re the “finesht!”

With love from “those people,”

Emily S. – Baton Rouge, LA

Thank you Liam for sharing your lovely cottage and your spectacular countryside. Your kindness and Irish hospitality was wonderful. Thank you for everything.

Beth B – Bangladesh, India

It is hard to sum up 10 glorious days of Ireland in a few paragraphs. Chauffeur, cook, guide, drinking buddy, and story teller… you are a wealth of information that never seems to end… surely a tribute to the Ireland you love.

Your cottage is lovely, the rooms cozy, the meals delicious. Everything has such style and flair. You allowed us to enjoy your cottage as if it was our own, and yet you pampered us as if we were royalty.

Each day was jam packed with endless sites to see, ruins to behold, people to meet, gardens to view and stores to shop in.

We love the “craic” and the “chat.” Much thanks, Liam, and we hope we will be able to return to Ireland in the near future, because I couldn’t imagine spending it with a nicer person than you.

Laurie & Jules K. – Galena, IL

I had a blast these ten days! You are such a great guy and tour guide! You know tons of stuff! It was really informative. Dublin was great! Shopping grand. I definitely want to come back. Maybe even live here!!! I love it here. Hook me up! Ha ha! Thanks again for everything! The food was great!! so were the drinks and beer! Thanks again!

Aimee U – Wauwatosa, WI

Thank you so much for sharing your warm welcoming home, your beautiful Ireland and for opening up your heart while I was trying to heal mine! The laughter helped too.

Liza B – Philadelphia, PA

I do not know how to thank you for the wonderful Irish experience. You have made this trip memorable, enjoyable and a most treasured time of my new life.

Karla S – Crowley, LA

Thanks for the opportunity to see and experience the real Ireland. Your hospitality and guidance made our trip fun, relaxing and interesting. I hope to visit here again.

Katie D – Wauwatosa, WI

I made my way to Knockahopple to meet Liam, but was amazed to glimpse a hidden side to Irish culture I never would’ve seen on a tourists’ bus tour. He welcomed 1.5-year-old Cora and I like old friends and shared his home, hearth, and family with us like we’d known each other forever.

Not all trips allow you to scratch beyond the surface of tourists traps, but each day we were able to see more into the locals’ culture from the unending hospitality of an Irish tea to the friendly “slagging.” We witnessed Liam on a gig as well as got the backroads driving tour through Tipperary to the Vale of Cunneen, the lookout above the Silvermines, and out to Kilkenny Castle where I fell in love with artisan crafts at the Design Centre.

Little Cora loved being out in the rain, happy as can be in front of Knockahopple and jumping in puddles at Bunratty. She especially loved the Traditional Irish Night at Bunratty, complete with music, dancing, and ice cream!

A hundred thank yous for all the time and heart you put into our visit. We have felt very welcome and blessed that you would share your family and personal insights. I know this will be the first of several visits to Ireland and wish you all the best.

Jen L Carlsbad, CA

If ever there was a home away from home…it would most definitely be here!

Your kindness, warmth and hospitality are most welcoming. You have set a precedent by which all else will be compared!

Thanks ever so much! We will be back!

Bob & Chris – Philadelphia, PA

Thank you so much for sharing your Irish home with us! You made our honeymoon unforgettable. We have met so many wonderful people on our stay, especially the Hughes and the Cliffords. We will be sharing our stories for years to come. We look forward to returning to Knockahopple and sharing this experience with others!

Madeline and Pete – Eagle River, WI

Bone chilling temperatures were no match for the warmth of your friends, relatives, and cottage. Everyone here is obvious proud and delighted with all you have done improving this place. We have been to Ireland many times but staying in your cottage gave us a chance to see the area in an entirely new way.

Joe, Kim, Emily, and Greg B – Oaks, PA

I arrived early in the morning not knowing exactly what to expect, but once we got on the road, I knew it was going to be a great time. Being able to meet you and the people of Ireland was a great experience. The weather, when it was sunny, was great! Even when it was raining, it was still great view after great view, if you could see through the fog. I don’t think I could come back to Ireland without having a guide, and definitely now not without having you as a guide. I came to IReland for relaxation and I got that and a whole lot more. I came with some friends and I made a new one. That is not the only thing I got from the visit, I also have anew respect for the peopel of this great country.

Steve W – South Milwaukee, WI

What can I say?? I love you gorgeous cottage — beautiful Ireland — and most of all having so much fun and laughter!

I truly loved every day — even when the weather was not cooperative. You know that I hope to come back soon.

CJ I – Milwaukee, WI

There are not enough words to let you know how much we have enjoyed our first trip to a beautiful country! Much laughter, great food, and new friendships.

One can not say than you too many times!

You are delightful and a wonderful host.

Thank you!

Phil and Judy K – Waukesha, WI

This was an incredible adventure! You provided us a memory that will last forever. The scenery, the talks, the food, and especially the “craic” that you shared with us made this trip so very special. You are a great host and a special friend and I thank you for sharing Ireland with my family.

Pam and Greg J – Milwaukee, WI

There are no words that can express the awesome experience you made Ireland for us. I truly feel that we are family, and leaving is such sweet sorrow. Memories have been made that will keep me warm, when the kids ship me off to the home 🙂

Ireland has many venues, vistas, and view. My favorite was The Vee. Seeing the “real” Ireland with you was a thrill of a lifetime. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the greatest holiday. I may not have an Irish connection, but the people of Irleand have made me feel like I had come home.

Robbie G – Milwaukee, WI

Thank you for a wonderful, real Ireland experience. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. It was all so much fun. I will not soon forget all the fun things we did. It has been a vacation of a lifetime.

Susan S – Milwaukee, WI

Our trip to Ireland was so nice! Little did we know we had so many things to learn as we traveled the highways and the barely-get-by-ways of this gorgeous country.

Seldom have we seen such beauty, laughed so hard or enjoyed such friendship.

Bob and Kathy – Big Bay, MI

Thank you for your warm and generous hospitality. I came to Ireland as a “tourists” and am leaving as though am a part of your family at Knockahopple. You have taken me and Gene to places tourists would never see and we will always be grateful for that.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the history of Ireland and all the stories. Thank you for all the wonderful Irish food. You are a great cook and I am really going to miss that.

Sue O – Fort Atkinson, WI

I will always think you and remember you as a friend. I enjoyed everything with our visit. I experienced some of the “thin” spots with you and will go to these places in my mind with memories of our fun times together. Sue and I will talk about our experience in Ireland for years to come thanks to you, who you are, and what you do. It was awesome being a part of the mountain even if it was for too short of a time. I hope our paths cross again.

Gene – Fort Atkinson, WI

Just “Thank You” seems hardly adequate for probably the best “holiday” I or anyone else has ever had!!!

Gaeney Ryan – Fort Wayne, IN

Too much to say, Liam — it would take a book! Thanks forever for helping us make our dream come true.

Kay and Jerry Hughes – Harbor Springs, MI

Wow what a great place 🙂 Your lovely cottage made us feel right at home. Thanks so much for welcoming us into your home and making our trip to Ireland so memorable.

Blythe B – Marquette, MI

Your cottage is awesome Liam! I love the brickett fire. It made this place a home. Always stop and eat the ice cream because it’s a precious opportunity! When you return to Muckross Head, make sure those sheep are bathing their behinds.

Miles B – Marquette, MI

“Sure a little bit of heaven fell from our the sky one day” and Liam, you found it and your extended family and have made the warmest home which you fill with your friends, fun and laughter! A million thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing so generously with us.

Gretchen B – Marquette, MI

On a hill there’s a high brow of land.
Where lives Liam and his people so grand.
They embrace us with arms
Filled with wit, care and charms.
They’re a nation blessed by His hand.

Blaine B – Marquette, MI

This trip to Ireland has been “most” memorable. Of all the places I’ve traveled – this is the most beautiful – My lovely daughter Michelle handled the “tiny” roads like a pro! Spending time at “Knockahopple” with her was wonderful and will remain a favorite memory of mine.

We will miss the cottage and Ireland. God outdid himself when he (or she) created this beautiful country. Would love to return some day. Take care of the cottage and Milton (the chicken). Come see us in Charleston, SC.

Faye O. – Charleston, SC

Liam, it’s beautiful here. Once we finally arrived a day late, we have traveled near and far in this GREEN country – goodness it’s so pretty.

Your cottage is delightful. Mom and I loved spending some special time together. We learned to navigate the roads and byways of Ireland fairly well.

From Rock of Cashel to Ormond Castle to Cahir to the Vee, Giant’s Causeway, and by far the most fun Castle Otway – loved exploring w/out the tourists. Met a gentleman in Templederry who could tell us so much history – very local flavor

Thanks, Liam – I will miss the peaceful nights here in the cottage with the fire blazing.

Michelle O. – Charleston, SC

…this is, again, a holiday I’ll never forget! …every day was an adventure – I love Ireland – it’s amazing. I hope to return again soon.

We packed a lot into the 10 days. Thanks for being you – the food, driving, sights, people, drinks, castles, shopping, Limericks, friends, etc.

Laury H – Greenfield, WI

What a wonderful place you have here! I’ve really enjoyed this trip to the fullest. The scenery is beautiful. I loved the coastal drive, although the “hedgerows” do tend to interfere with “looking.”

You’ve been a gracious host, always ready to answer the next question even though you’ve answered it 2 or 3 times before. Your love of Ireland certainly shows in the way you want your guests to see and experience “the true Ireland.”

The pub food has been wonderful – the breakfasts great, especially the way you present them. I’ve enjoyed “trying” the different traditional “Irish” drinks we’ve had in the evenings by the fire, although I think the “Smithwick’s” is my favorite. The car rides were certainly interesting with our “first responders” in the backseat. I will certainly encourage others to plan their trip to Ireland by way of “Knockahopple”

Dee P – Janesville, WI

Liam, Liam, Liam; you are…

a good listener
pay attention to detail of all excursions
magpie terminator (you don’t want to know)
pays attention to details of breakfast
soothing voice
patient…with three women shrieking
overflowing with Irish stories
server of liquids
great at fruit presentation
skilled driver
Knockahopple creator
finder of points of interest that are not tourist traps
preparer of sensation snacks
contagious laugh
finder of cemeteries
Irish singer
steeped in Irish history
actor shows through
thoughtful host

Your friend, The First Responder,

Coral N – Janesville, WI

This trip to Ireland,
Though it almost didn’t happen,
Has turned out to be,
One ne’er to be forgotten,

A neat little cottage,
Down Liam’s Lane,
I really, truly hope,
I can return again.

Liam you are such a gracious and funny host. Great knowledge of Ireland. Good experience with my friends. Great breakfasts and evening drinks and snacks. Driving in Ireland seemed very harrowing at first, but Liam you made it tolerable after a day or two, I think! I’ll have memories of narrow hedge-lined country roads, green fields, rock walls, castle, quaint villages, friendly people, comfy quarters and good meals in Irish pubs.

Shirley S. – Janesville, WI

Such a charming Irish Cottage set in the beautiful countryside. It has been a perfect adventure for our family and a special family reunion full of memories that will last a lifetime.

John, Wendy, Calli, Johnny & Brendan

“Bring jackets, raincoats, sweaters” we were told…

By those who said, “Ireland can be very cold!”

Day after day through sunshine we tredged.

While trying to see what’s behind that damned hedge!

Hiking and climbing and castles galore

Beautiful mountains and ruins to explore.

Where were the mitts and wind and rain?

“Hush!” They’d all say, don’t be such a pain!

So on we traveled day after day,

Through a country so lovely we wanted to stay.

Just before leaving there came a nice storm,

Knockahopple Cottage kept us safe, dry and warm!

The fire was always cozy, conversation quite free

New friends were made that always will be.

Let’s not forget that very last day,

When Liam drove home that round about way.

Three in the front of the car meant for two

His treasure filled the boot. What else could we do!

Now it’s all over and sadly we leave,

OK! I give up…I can’t think of anymore. someone else can finish this silly thing…

Liam! It was just the best, best, best!

Love to you,

Ronni – Algoma, WI

Liam, We had a great time, host, etc. Plus we found a new friend. You even produced beautiful weather on demand.

Gary – Algoma, WI

What special memories we have! Waterford, Cliffs of Moher, holy wells, sunsets, great weather, Kinsale, ruined priories, cathedrals with spectacular windows, St Victoria (we’d never heard of her!), Guinness, amazing vistas of farms and sea, Silvermines Mountains, sports day Sunday service and icons at Glenstal Abbey, picnic at Slea Head Drive, fantastic dinner at Inch House, navigating curvy, narrow roads; asking directions, friendly folks everywhere, walking Kilkenny, shopping, jam, woodword, silver, lotions. Most of all – wonderful breakfasts, ideas, directions and “welcome homes.” Thank you for sharing a special place with us.

Barb & Steve A – Milwaukee, WI

There a no words to express my joy at being here – nor my sadness in leaving. This “little bit of heave” will be in my thoughts and prayers always.

Gainey R – South Bend, IN

Liam, there are comments that you hold inside your heart as special gifts and right now we have so many that you have given us in the last two weeks. I don’t know when I’ve laughed so much. You are the perfect host and Knockahopple and our time here will be with us forever. Thank you.

Thelma & Pat G – Milwaukee, WI

Ireland has become our Mecca thanks, in many ways to Liam’s love and knowledge of all things Irish especially in our native Tipperary. There is probably no on in this beautiful country who knows more about the history and sites in this area. Thanks, Liam, for taking the time to show us the wonders around Knockahopple.

And we’ll all go together,
To pick wild mountain thyme,
All around the bloomin’ heather,
Will ye go lassie go.

Jim & Betty S. – Phoenix, AZ

What a wonderful vacation (holiday). it was my best thatnks to you and your friends and family. Your sense of humor and the laughter was outstanding. I haven’t laughed so hard and so often for so long. It was great.

You are a great driver… my pleasure to be your “left hand gal.”

You have a very spiritual and spirited cottage. As soon as I walked in I was comfortable. So much that after nine days, I feel like family. Thank you.

There are no words to say how much I enjoyed this trip. I hope I can do it again soon.
Jean K. – South Milwaukee, WI

Thanks for the attention to everything special. Your knowledge is remarkable and your ability to share it is even more remarkable. I hope my return is swift. May your example fill many a hearts to dream and reach for corners never thought reachable.

John M – Milwaukee, WI

What a treat to experience Ireland while staying at Knockahopple The cottage is warm and cozy no matter what the weather…and the host…GRAND! Our adventure was widespread and I really liked Lord Gort’s Basement – The Quiet Man’s Cottage – I know the true value of Wellies! I have really enjoyed my time here and can’t wait to tell others!

Barb C – Milwaukee, WI

Father’s Day, Rick’s Birthday, and our 25th Wedding Anniversary — you made ALL very memorable for us! Thank you for sharing “your Ireland” and wonderful home so generously. Our daily adventures (including Deb’s “occassional” requests to stop) were all well-chosen.

Rick and Deb M

What a beautiful place! What a wonderful time! Thank you for showing us the “real Ireland.”

Things to remember:

In Ireland, the shortest distance between two points IS NOT a straight line
Portumna Castle is a great “trip”
Tractors are not “just like cars”

It was an honor to be your first guest to do the “Keeper Hill” tour.

Sandra P – Ishpeming, MI

Where to begin — What a wonderful first time visit to Ireland! You are a grand host, tour guide, purchaser of 99s, story teller, etc. We’ll be back when your addition is finished.

Slainte – God bless.

Alvy M – Peoria, AZ (after her first visit)

Liam, you did it again! Showed us a wonderful time. So much so that I wouldn’t hesitate to call it a BLAST!

I Can’t pick one day over another. There were all great – the local tours, the Ring of Kerry, Dingle, the whiskey factory, train to Dublin, all the holy wells, beautiful scenery, the strand, teh “short cuts” home, and so much more.

Alvy M (after her second visit)

One hundred thousand “thank yous” for this unforgettable trip. We have so enjoyed our visit to this beautiful country. Your warm hospitality, extensive knowledge of Ireland, and your obvious love for this country have made our time here special. What a unique experience it has been to learn from you about local custom and Irish people and history. Your generous and funny spirit shined everyday.

Katie and Eddie – Milwaukee, WI

Our trip was planned ot celebrate our 30th anniversay, one retirement, and one semi-retirement. We couln’t have made a better choice. Our days with you will always be cherished. We appreciated your extensive knowledge of this beautiful country, and we really appreciated your driving skills. May your composter bubble away for you and produce the best flowers in the country.

Bob and Pat R – Elm Grove, WI

Thank you for the opportunity to experience Knockahopple Cottage! The sunsets and rainbows were fantastic!! Thanks also for the great travel and shopping suggestions – we made 3 trips to Hanley Woolens!!

Mary & Nancy

Liam, this place is magical! Such a friendly place with such history! Thank you so much for the experience. I can’t wait to come back and see the completed addition…

Rick B – Pewaukee, WI

Enjoyed the Irish hospitality. Find the people very friendly. Weather wet at first but had a few really sunny days, a good surprise for this time of year.

Pam & Ken B – East Yorkshire, England

Thank you, Liam, for everything: We discovered some of the many beauties of the Emerald Isle.

We loved the cottage, you have done a wonderful job. Can’t wait for the new addition. We can see why you can’t wait to come back here.

Jim & Margee E – Vero Beach, FL

Liam, I am so grateful you took the time to show us around and tell us all about our family heritage. I would love to learn more and I hope to come back soon. Thanks a million for your hospitality.

Brynn H – Cave Creek, AZ

Sure appreciated the hospitality and it was great to “come home.” Thanks so much.

Diane, Jeff & Jaren – Cave Creek, AZ

How lucky I am to have you for a cousins. You have been more than wonderful to us. Your place is so beautiful and welcoming. Makes me glad we’re half Irish. Don’t forget we are in AZ and you will ALWAYS be welcome to stay with us.

MJ & Steve C, Fountain Hills, AZ

Thank you for the grand time! Your place is very quaint! Thank you for the yummy breakfast and snack and drink at night. Ireland is a beautiful place to visit and really hope to be back again some day! Your a terrific host!

Martha U – Wauwatosa, WI

Words will never express how much I have enjoyed this trip. It is a dream come true for me and you certainly helped fulfill it. You made us all feel welcome and we appreciated your fantastic tours. I really hope to see you again.

Leah G – Wauwatosa, WI

What a wonderful way to celebrate 50 years of religious life! Experiencing your Irish hospitality and the peace of your hill, learning and seeing the Ireland of the people and their lives, especially the evening at Jimmy the Mills! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kay S.- Milwaukee, WI

Little did I know there was such a charming oasis of beauty and comfort in this world!

Thank you so very much for sharing your place and giving so graciously of your time and talent, but most especially of yourself – you are a special guy! What fun!

Ruth G – Portland, OR

It’s true. I liked everything the best! Thank for a wonderful holiday – for a warm Ireland welcome and for sharing stories, songs, history, style and food favorites and incredible views and places. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the “snapshot of the authentic Ireland.”

You are the best! Hugs-

Mary S – Janesville, WI

This visit to Ireland met all my expectation and many more. The scenic drives, laughter, songs, Limericks, Jim O’ the Mill’s, 99s, history lessons. I could go on and on. This was the best trip ever.

God bless,

Barb A – Janesville, WI

Thanks for letting your cottage to us for our Easter holiday, and Darren’s graduation gift. Your guidance and itinerary made for a memorable trip for our family. It was so good to come back to Knockahopple and your cozy Irish cottage each night. The only thing missing was you!

God’s blessing to you,

Linda, Denis, Nolan and Darren M – Whitefish Bay, WI

Had a great time, hope to come back. Thanks for wonderful holiday, can’t wait to come back…

It’s been fun. Even tho there was a bit of a “mishst” it was still the “fineshst.” I don’t know why my sister was complaining, the house is just lovely, you shouldn’t put it in your will that it go to someone who did not appreciate the “luvly” home as much as I do.

Eric S – Racine, WI

Word cannot fully show my appreciation for all you’ve done. Thank you for your hospitality and personal touch to allow us to enjoy the EMERALD ISLE!

Mike K – Wauwatosa, WI

Thank you for ten of the best days – rain or shine. You have a wonderfully cozy cottage. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Ireland is so beautiful – I hope I can return again some day. This will be a vacation to remember and talk about for years to come. Twas grand!

Pat K – Wauwatosa, WI

I feel so privileged that Pat and Mike invited me along on this journey. I have enjoyed each and everyday of our time together. Thanks especially for the laughs and wonderful hospitality.

Sue K – Eagan, MN

Knockahopple is a little bit of heave! And you are the resident Angel. I loved it ALL.

The flowers everywhere
The green hills
The amazing hedgerows
The songs of Ireland
but most of all the kind Irish people.

I will be back!

My love to you.

Nancy – Wauwatosa, WI

Liam, Your cottage is lovely and grand! Ireland is much more than I expected, the people are fun and friendly and delightful. Thanks for the individual attention and the great tours.

Knockahopple Cottage is a dream that you share with your guests – we are definitely coming back when your addition is completed.

I love the 99s, brown bread and the poteen!

Thanks Liam. You are a great host.

PS – Jimmy the mills is a must-see.

Judy B – Wauwatosa, WI

There wan an innkeeper named Liam

Who charged a very reasonable per diem
He was handsome and tall,
But in spite of it all,
He’d rather be eating ice cream.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful country and your friendship.

Jerry F – Mequon, WI

My friend Liam is known as dreamer.
He longed to become and Irish innkeeper.
After learning the skills,
He bought a cottage in the hills,
And now all who visit Knockahopple leave a believer.

Thank you Liam for sharing your dream with me,

Kevin B – Mequon, WI

Thanks for everything. Our visit to Ireland was wonderful. Your cozy cottage was a great base to tour from. You do a great job of guiding and explaining the mysteries of “mothern” Ireland. with your help, I learned much about the old Irish ways that I grew up with. I will long remember this trip and your hospitality.

John D – Milwaukee, WI

Thanks a lot for showing us around Ireland and telling us about it. Your cottage is beautiful and very cozy. I had a lot of fun here and would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks again,

Nick D – Milwaukee, WI

Thank you for helping us see Ireland and appreciate its people, land and culture. You’re a wonderful guide to this beautiful countryside. The cottage was always warm and inviting, as was the hospitality. We even enjoyed the local gossip! Thanks for making our vacation so rick in memories.

Lauren B – Milwaukee, WI

It was a delight staying here even though I was stalked by little green men. The cottage is very nice and cozy and anyone who stays here is very lucky. Ireland is also very beautiful too. I hope I can return again when your addition is done.

Kim J – West Allis, WI

I enjoyed staying here very much. The cottage was very nice and Ireland is a very neat country. I hope I will be able to come here again.

Anne W – Wauwatosa, WI

Thank you for taking such good care of us and showing us the Ireland you know and love.

Someone as kind and wonderful as you deserves to succeed and I know that you will. Enjoy!

Mary W – Wauwatosa, WI

Enjoyed our great visit here in beautiful and refreshing Ireland. Thank you, Liam, for all your tour guidance to all the wonderful sites of charming Ireland. We appreciate your warm hospitality and cozy little cottage.

This is one of the greatest experiences of my life which I would never forget. If you are ever in Iron River stop by to visit. Would love to see you again, Liam. May God bless you.

Dottie & Bob S – Iron River, MI

How can I express the joy these two weeks have given me – a little taste of heaven! It saddens me to be leaving such a glorious, charming place – Ireland and your cottage. I see why so many say “once you’re in Ireland you’re hooked and never want to leave.” I’m hooked and it’s mostly because of you.

You have opened our eyes to the “real” Ireland, with your stories, your beautiful, cozy cottage and all our adventures.

Thanks for evenings near the fire, the quiet Irish music and good conversation. God has given you a special gift and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to experience it.

Cindi J – Marquette, MI

Thank you for a great time. We love your stories and leaned a lot about Ireland and their people. We enjoyed the charm of your cottage. We had many good laughs. The thoughts of our visit will always make me smile.

Mel & Pat R – Col. Heights, MN

You encouraged me to come to Ireland and you received me warmly at Knockahopple Cottage. But, more importantly you provided the opportunity for me to visit my ancestral homeland in Myshall. That visit was a milestone in my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Your friend,

Russ P – West Bend, WI

It was lovely here. Thanks for collecting me at the aeroport and for the pints. Top-o-th’ mornin’ to ya.

Jerry P – Omaha, NE

Thanks Liam for a truly wonderful time at your darling Irish cottage – your warmth friendship and hospitality was SO appreciated on our first trip to Ireland. THIS was the BEST part.

Judie B – Greendale, WI

This visit has given me a lifetime of wonderful, happy memories and I thank you , but don’t forget ” for this I saved for a whole year.”

Lalor E – Danville, VA

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and conversation. Your home is beautiful.

Rosemary R – Waukesha, WI

I’ve discovered my new Ireland home – you won’t be able to keep me away. Many, many THANKS, Liam.

Peggy R – Waukesha, WI

Thank you for sharing your lovely Knockahopple Cottage with us. Your information/guide packet is wonderful testimony to your attention to detail and commitment to your guests’ comfort and enjoyment of the cottage and the country. Your personal touch is evident everywhere even though you are in Milwaukee and we are here.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience Ireland in such an intimate way.

Kathleen C. M. – WI

Comments taken from the Knockahopple Cottage Guest Book – some comments were edited for length.