Food at Knockahopple

Each morning begins with freshly brewed tea and coffee waiting for you. You are then treated to fruit and cereal followed by a hearty breakfast that may include a traditional Irish fry with eggs, rashers (ham/bacon), puddings (sausage) and tomatoes or one of the many other morning menus I’ve perfected using fresh, locally-available ingredients. I’ve included a sample of a few of my favorite dishes below.

Depending on your travel schedule, you will be offered an afternoon tea or evening drink which may include tea, coffee, soda, or cocktails. Then a light meal service will delight your tastebuds with either a tempting savory dish or a decadent sweet treat.

Desserts are a special affair at Knockahopple with options ranging from fresh fruit to pastries to cakes to home-baked delights.

The foods I serve vary and are based on availability. I must confess, I often forget to snap photos of the food I serve; so I’ve had to borrow some photos that look similar to the refreshments I present.