Personal Tour Guide Services

Your Private Guide

After nearly thirty years of exploring the Emerald Island, I have the firsthand experience to help you enjoy the “real” Ireland. That means a highly personalized and extremely flexible, relaxed tour that considers your interests, your “must sees,” and your travel style.

Whether you are looking for a traditional Irish shebeen (a traditional Irish music session where the locals outnumber the tourists), a journey into Ireland’s spiritual roots, a tour of historic castles, a genealogy treasure hunt, or even a country pub crawl, I can accommodate your individual tastes.

A Personal Driver

I am even willing to drive you during your stay. That means you can sit back and enjoy the sites and experiences without worrying about directions, driving on the left, or the rules of the Irish road.

Guide & Driver Details

You may hire me as your personal guide on a daily or weekly basis. My rates are for up to an eight-hour day with additional hours subject to an hourly rate.

Each day I tour with you, I will help maximize your visit by helping you select sites and routes that best suit your interests and time frame with a special focus on the “real” Ireland. That means you will learn more about the local customs, history, and culture than you’ll ever find in a guide book or on a bus tour. I also will share several “secret” spots that most tourists never see.

In return, you will cover any additional transportation expenses that may be incurred (such as petrol, car rental, train, ferry, or bus fares). For overnight stays away from Knockahopple Cottage, you will be responsible for covering accommodation costs for yourself and me as your tour guide; however, most guests plan their days so they can return to Knockahopple each night for cocktail hour.

At many sites, such as Waterford Crystal or various castles and distilleries, I do not generally join you on a guided tour. Instead, I leave the details to the local guides and wait nearby as you enjoy your tour or shopping experience.

As your tour guide, I would be happy to drive you to your destinations. There is no additional charge when I am behind the wheel. You simply add me as a registered driver on your rental vehicle. I provide my driving services as a courtesy and assume no additional responsibility for damage, accidents, or theft; and I require that all guests acquire the maximum insurance coverage on their rental vehicle.