Accommodation & Services

When you stay at Knockahopple Cottage, you are staying in my home. You are encouraged to spend time with a book by the fire, wake up as early or as late as you please, take a stroll down the road…basically, you are free to enjoy yourself.

I don’t schedule more that one group in the cottage at a time. So once you arrive, you and your travel companions are the only people in the guest quarters (I stay in a separate area upstairs).

The cottage is fully-equipped for guests, so it’s not necessary to pack your own hair dryer, curling iron, basic toiletries, or bathrobe. In fact, most guests note I offer more basic amenities than most hotels, yet the place maintains a tidy, lived-in feel.

Not shown: third bedroom with full bed and back bathroom.


Cottage Details

Knockahopple Cottage has been refurbished with a sensitive blend of modern conveniences and traditional decorating.

  • KITCHEN: The kitchen offers a comfortable sitting area with hillside views and a fireplace.
  • PANTRY/LAUNDRY ROOM: Separated from the old kitchen by a half-door, the pantry/laundry room has been updated with a small refrigerator, washer, and dryer.
  • SITTING ROOM: The cozy sitting room has its own fireplace and provides a quiet place for relaxing.
  • BREAKFAST ROOM: The spacious breakfast room provides a delightful spot to enjoy a full Irish breakfast or a simple toast and tea.
  • BEDROOMS: Bedrooms offer beautiful views of the Tipperary Hillside, as well as reading lamps, mirrors, electrical adaptors, and a place to stow your clothing. One bedroom has a double bed; another has two twin beds; and the third has a full bed. However, these configurations can be adjusted.
  • BATHROOM: The bathroom has been equipped with modern fixtures, including an instant-heat shower system. Fresh towels and linens are provided.


A Better Experience

There are several ways that the premier B&B experience at Knockahopple Cottage differs from staying at other Irish B&Bs:

  • You and your companions are the only guests in the house. I do not double-book Knockahopple cottage.
  • You have the ultimate control over your schedule. You are welcome to come and go as you please, and there are no times the cottage is “off limits” to guests.
  • You are welcome to enjoy some of the many books and CDs stowed in the sitting room and hallway.
  • A hot cup of tea or coffee is always available.
  • You are welcome to enjoy a complimentary evening drink and light meal service (and this isn’t a small biscuit and tepid cuppa either)…it is unlikely you will find another B&B offering this service.
  • You can “pop in” a complimentary load of laundry during your stay which reduces the amount of clothing you need to pack.
  • The internet is available for you to connect your wifi enabled devices for basic email, web browsing, and Facebook access – sorry, due to data limits, large photo and video sharing is not available; however, I can take you to the local library to tap into their free wifi.
  • Bed and Breakfast accommodations are available by prior arrangement only, and a minimum stay of a seven nights is required.


Tour Guide & Itinerary Planning

During your stay, I am also available to serve as your personal tour guide. Together we’ll craft an itinerary based on your interests, your mood, and the changeable Irish weather. Please visit my Personal Tour Guided Services page for more information.